Special flights

Special flights

Special flights are one of the main activity at kevelair : repatriation flights or emergency evacuations (KEVELAIR covered 15 operations withing 28 days during the arab spring), oil flights (crew relieves on off-shore petrol plateform)… our expertise in the choice of partners and our operational knowledge do make a difference.On request, we may also conduct worldwide cargo operations, whether they are urgent or not.

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Kevelair America, based in Panama, offers air charters or any type of flights (in groups, co-chartering) throughout the American continent, but also to other continents; we offer solutions for your business or trips, flight series on any type of device from 01 to 500 seats. More information

We are tailor made in aviation

All our flights are “tailor made ” and reason of our success 

The tailor made of air charter

America & Carribean air charter services


Kevelair met les gaz et décolle après 2 années d’existence