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Air charter a commercial plane


  Looking for the best aviation solution for a group? Whether for business seminars, tourism flights or sporting flights KEVELAIR AMERICA can offer a solution in the form of charter flight.

1 Charter an airliner

Airliners are defined by capacities from 12 to 583 seats; charter companies offer all year round availability for Air Charter; the scheduled airlines also operate, days or their devices are not used for charter flights.

2 Air charter, what should we know?

The charter is very simple but it is nevertheless necessary to know the parameters to ensure the validity of the mission entrusted to: – The type of device – Information on the chartered company: fleet, safety, feasibility, official documents. – The feasibility of the charter: airports, slots, traffic rights KEVELAIR AMERICA list with you the feasibility of your trip and before proposing a solution, check all the settings with the company to guarantee the mission.

3 Charter a plane, reducing costs

Because we know perfectly our business, charter a plane for a group consisting often allows a reduction of costs at headquarters. Even if the price of a product line can not be compared with a low cost airline ticket, we can optimize flights and thus find a solution to meet your requirement charter. Rent a device for a conference, a business trip often simplifies operational constraints.

4 Air Charter, a la carte services

A multitude of a la carte services are available and allow you to create an event from your charter: – Recording counter with your company logo – Announcement of custom edge – Customizing served onboard catering – videos if available board – logo on headrests of the seats.

5 Chartering, why is this the solution?

For a specific need:
• Special destinations
• Significant Group size
• Exclusivity of your group trip
• Specific times …
• Privacy, organization of special events (weddings, celebrations)

• organization of simplicity.

6 Who can charter commercial aircraft?

Often, travel agents and tour operators are the first charter clients but it also concerns companies, sports clubs, associations (under certain conditions):
• The organization of their business seminar or event
• Promotion or launching their products
• The movement of staff groups, clients or guests
• Participation in trade shows
• The organization of themed conferences
• The visit of industrial site
• The establishment of charter flights in America series.


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