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A full range of private jets for hire

Kevelair America relies on a network and a database of over 6,000 aircraft worldwide to offer a private jet rental solution. With our “making available” facility, we offer a comprehensive range of business jets for your needs by focusing on comfort, budget and responsiveness.

Define your criteria?

City of departure of the aircraft
• Destination
• Date to and
• Number of passengers
desired Timetable
private jet Type
Flight time
Comfort level
And of course budget

Our offer is exactly tailored to your profile. We know organizing a tailored business travel.

5 The types of aircraft in business aviation


Typically used for short distances, the turboprop aircraft has resumed in recent years the market shares with comfortable equipment, performance in terms of speed and quality .L’avantage is to fly on good devices on low costs and operate on secondary airports.

The jets ‘light’

Real stars of business aviation for over 5 years, this new generation of private jets short finds its place in a market of air taxi, corporate shuttles or urgent trips

The jets “mid range”

Medium-range devices, they are used for flights between 3 and 5 hours, covering from European capitals northern Africa, the first country in the Middle East or Eastern Europe

The jets ‘long range’

Long-haul aircraft to destinations across the African continent, American, Asian or other, they are often more capacity to 10 seats and offers unparalleled comfort on the charter aviation market in jets.

6 To summarize:

The benefits of private jet rentals are numerous and can provide adequate solution to all your travels: Private jet charters for business reason as for personal reasons The price is not a major obstacle to chartering The simplicity of business aviation flights summarizes jets
Finally Kevelair America can offer a multitude of services to further simplify your travels: Limousine Service from your office or home premium meal services on board or in a salon before departure
Our private jets allow you to travel safely while enjoying maximum comfort. If you’re more luxury travel, do not hesitate to contact us or click on the link. We offer luxury packages with Kevelair .


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