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Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s second largest city after Sao Paulo in numbers of people but especially the most populous city of this vast country: its carnival and beaches made ​​his reputation as a city that attracts the sun chauqe years visisteurs million around the world. With over 11 million inhabitants, this town by the sea, is a megalopolis.

Located in the southern hemisphere, the summer season is inverted relative to Europe, from December to March and the annual average temperature is 24 °. Unfortunately, the city is also known for its many “favelas” but the government is actively working to changenement image of this city. The “Cariocas”, the name given to the inhabitants are proud of their city dominated by the “Sugar Loaf” and there are many sites to visit Rio.

Cultural richness comes from its mix of people and we open to other horizons. The national language is Portuguese.

Rio will be in the spotlight with three major events in the coming years:

* WYD (World Youth Day) will be held in 2013 there on July and according to the organizers attract over 4 million pilgrims.

* The World Cup will be held in 2014 and will be a major event because Brazil is a nation of football.

* Finally in 2016, the Olympic Games will also be held on site.

Kevelair for its part, takes groups on 2013 and plans for 2014 already on the World Cup.