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Florida is the southernmost of the east coast of the UNITED STATES and has a reputation for providing nearly 320 days of sunshine a year, providing for its part is on the Atlantic Ocean, the west face bathed in the Gulf Mexico with almost 1900 km of coastline, the Americans nicknamed the “sunshine state”, the state or the sun shines, expression taken over all number plates of cars.

Lots to see at all times of the year with first Miami and its long white beaches and buildings on the beach, the atmosphere that mixes Latino communities Hispanic, Haitian and Canadian tourists who regularly winter, Miami is a beautiful city which combines ultra-modern neighborhoods and districts such as typical of Art Deco, a National Monument.

You can then go up the east coast to Daytona Beach and racing, visit Orlando and its very nombeux parks (Walt Disney, Seaworld) and take the time to go have a look at Cape Canaveral, mythical launches NASA rocket.

Side nature, trying to meet the special vessels wildlife and alligators in the Everglades. Florida is indeed a sunny destination with many things to see and do. Many airlines offer regular flights to Miami or Orlando and there are charter companies with attractive prices