BAE 146

The BAE 146 is a unit of British firm BAE SYSTEMS on the best-known name or Jumbolino AVROJET recent years, this medium-haul unit is used for its performance on short runways and four engine gives a power to pass many obstacles: it is used by many scheduled airlines or charter, is ideal for mountain areas or airports complicated. It offers many versions ranging from aircraft vip from 29 to 44 seats or online with versions ranging from 92 to 114 seats. It also offers a version of “quick change” that allows the device to move cargo in flight. Device very comfortable, it is fast and quiet and makes the device ideal for short missions charter, travel or sports convention. Rounded shape provides a very high ceiling appreciated. Kevelair often offers this type of aircraft in air charter or ACMI lease.


Here’s an overview of the company’s flagship Embraer Legacy 600 with: he belongs to the company presented Circle Air based in Bahrain and has 13 seats vip for missions of long or medium range.

This unit is well known for its comfort and wide cabin with seats arranged business very well; Kevelair regularly offers this type of aircraft for flights in private jets, travel business travel in private or in the world of show business


The Fokker 100 is an aircraft  still used in Europe and in the world, even if  its production was halted in 1997, but many airlines still prefer this cheap unit  operation, with a capacity of 100 seats in general, it is the ideal airplane for distances below a 3:00 and comfort on board is recognized since its inception.

Reliable and robust, it is an often chartered for intra-European charter for groups from 60 to 100 passengers and is now behind by the Embraer 190 or 195 more recent but still a serious player in the medium-haul transportation.

In the many advantages of this aircraft , which is notable for its space on the legs (pitch) and sound quality. No doubt that this plane still has good charter or scheduled tasks to accomplish, and some European companies are still using this aircraft: Carpatair, Trade and Air Denim Air for example